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Ningbo Hautek Industries Co., Ltd.
The Company Based on more than 10 years of professional machinery exporting experience, with rich knowledge of beverage project, bottling technology and bottle making machinery, HAUTEK focuses on high and middle level international market, major in beverage production line design and manufacturing, also supply relative assorted equipment. Supported by strong technical team, we offer high quality machine, good service to customers and give prompt response. Our main products include: Filling Machine packing machine ,  etc.

Yuyao Chaoda Industry Co., Ltd.
We specialized in the production of Auto Parts, Fasteners, Hardwares, Plastic Parts etc. We have good quality machines such as meter lathes, numerical control lathes, drilling machines, milling machines, Gringding Machines & can supply our customers various kinds of parts used widely in equipments of Mechanic, metallurgy, electronice, fire protection , engineering, etc. After many years' continuously hard work, we build a outstanding team which has experienced skill & cooperated with customers in good relation. We passed Certificate ISO/TS16949-2002.

China Bearsting Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
As a manufacturer, we strive hard to meet customers' demands by using high quality raw materials for production of top quality products. We take special care about quality control during the assembling process, from inspection of incoming components to the final assembling, so our products can meet even the highest quality requirements. Our main products include: stop valves Angle Valve, etc.


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